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Voice of the Mummy Game

(for 2, 3 or 4 Players)

Players represent Explorers of a Mummy’s Tomb attempting to locate and collect Jewels. They have some freedom of movement but are sometimes told by the Voice of the Mummy to follow his commands.

The Great Jewel at the foot of the Mummy is the most valuable prize. However, Explorers attempt to collect the 26 other Precious Jewels during Part I of the game. Part II is for Explorers to race out of the Tomb and return to their own Temple to count up the value of their Jewels.

Object of the Game

To collect and possess at the end of the game the most Value in Jewels.

To Set-Up the Game

  1. Place the Cobra in the hole in the Mummy’s head.
    The Curse, or The Cobra
  2. Place the Great Jewel on the cut-out at the foot of the Mummy.
    The Great Jewel
  3. Place the 26 Previous Jewels on all spaces on the 3 levels of the playing surface with the Precious Jewel design shown below. There are 12 Precious Jewel spaces on the lower level, 8 on the middle level, and 6 on the top level.
    Empty Precious Jewel spacePrecious Jewel on its space
  4. Stand the Explorers in their plastic bases of their matching colors.
    The Playing Board all set up

To Play the Game

Remember that the game is played in 2 Parts.

Part I of the Game

  1. Each Player selects a Temple and utilizes the Explorer with the matching color.
    Red ExplorerYellow ExplorerGreen ExplorerBlue Explorer
  2. High roll of die goes first and play continues clockwise. Explorers move the number of spaces thrown on the die each turn.
  3. In Part I all Explorers must move clockwise and the first moves must be on the lower level. All corner sections on each level count as a single space.
  4. If an Explorer ends his move on a space containing a Precious Jewel, he collects it and places it in his Temple. He does not collect a Precious Jewel from a space on which a Precious Jewel has previously been collected.
  5. If an Explorer’s move ends on a space occupied by one or more opponent Explorers, he collects a Precious Jewel from each of them. If an Explorer has no Precious Jewels to give up, there is no penalty.
  6. When an Explorer lands on spaces with the Head of the Mummy as shown below, he presses the switch button on the Mummy sarcophagus, listens to the message, and must do as the Mummy Commands.
    The Mummy space
  7. If an Explorer ends his turn on a corner space, or any of the 6 spaces with protruding steps, he may move up or down these steps to change his level on which to travel next turn.
    1. The player must make his decision and move up or down at the end of his turn. He cannot change his mind at the beginning of his next turn.
    2. Players may move up or down one level only and must move along the new level at least on one turn, before changing levels again.
    3. Competitive Explorers therefore can be traveling and collecting Precious Jewels from 3 different levels.
  8. Only after the 6 Precious Jewels have been collected from the top level can the Great Jewel be collected, regardless of whether or not Precious Jewels on the other levels have been collected.
    1. The First Player to land by exact count on one of the two top level spaces with the Great Jewel design as shown below collects the Great Jewel.
      The Great Jewel space
    2. Any Player may collect the Great Jewel. It need not be a Player having collected Precious Jewels from the top level.
    3. The Great Jewel has a value of 5 points, whereas Precious Jewels have a value of 1 point.
  9. The Player collecting the Great Jewel also automatically collects the Cobra that carries with it an Evil Spell to those possessing it. He removes both the Great Jewel and the Cobra from the Mummy and places them before him near his Temple.
    1. While an Explorer possesses the Cobra he is not allowed to end the game.
    2. When the game ends, the Player possessing the Cobra deducts 5 points from the value of his Jewels.

Special Rules on the Commands from the Mummy

  1. If an Explorer has no Precious Jewels, the Mummy cannot make him give one back. If he does give one back, he may place it on any empty Precious Jewel space.
  2. If an Explorer is on the bottom level, the Mummy cannot make him go down a level.
  3. If an Explorer is on the top level, the Mummy cannot make him go up a level.
  4. If an Explorer is told to move up or down a level, he moves his Explorer to the space directly above or below the one he is resting on. He may collect a Precious Jewel on the new space if it is a Precious Jewel space and one is available there.
  5. Return to your Starting Corner Space when told to return to the Temple.

End of Part I

After the Great Jewel and Cobra have been collected, the Explorers and remaining Precious Jewels stay in their same spaces, Part I of the game immediately ends. Press the “i” icon in the lower-right corner of the screen and select “Begin Part II of the Game” from the popup menu.

Part II of the Game

The Basic Play of the game continues as in Part I with the Following Exceptions and Additions.

  1. Explorers may move clockwise or counter-clockwise but not both ways in the same turn, to collect the remaining Precious Jewels; or return to their Temple, whichever is their choice.
  2. And Explorer with the Cobra landing by exact count on another Explorer’s space collects a Precious Jewel as in Part I but in addition gives the opponent Explorer the Cobra and its spell.
  3. Any Explorer landing by exact count on an opponent Explorer with the Great Jewel collects the Great Jewel from him, but not the Cobra, even if that opponent has both.
  4. An Explorer collecting the Great Jewel from another Explorer does not collect an additional Precious Jewel.
  5. If told by the Mummy you receive the Spell, you are given the Cobra. If you already have it, you must keep it.
  6. The game ends when the first Explorer, without the Cobra, returns to his Temple “home corner space” by exact count. Therefore an Explorer with the Cobra must pass it to an opponent Explorer before he may end the game.
  7. An Explorer reaching home first and ending the game receives a bonus Jewel from each opponent Explorer. If an opponent Explorer has only the Great Jewel, he must give it as a bonus to the Explorer ending the game.
  8. Explorers total their scores by counting the values of their Jewel collection at the end of the game. They receive 1 Point for each Precious Jewel in their possession and 5 Points for the possession of the Great Jewel. The Explorer with the Cobra must deduct 5 Points from his score.
  9. The Explorer with a collection with the most point value is the winner of the game.

Version History

  • Version 3.0 - Update for iOS 15 compatibility. Require iOS 12 minimum. Released on Oct 6, 2021
  • Version 2.0 - Add instructions for the game. Require iOS 10 minimum. tvOS app provides limited game-play option. Released on Oct 23, 2018
  • Version 1.3 - Small UI tweaks and bug fixes. Added a tvOS option, too! Released on Oct 8, 2017
  • Version 1.2 - Update for iOS 11. Released on Oct 2, 2017
  • Version 1.1 - Fixed bug where closed-caption bubble didn’t automatically go away. Added little circled-“i” button to bring up the “Flip Record” menu. Released on Feb 1, 2017
  • Version 1.0 - Initial Release. Released on Aug 18, 2016

Feedback or Suggestions

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