Hawaiian Kii

Kūmole” (KOO-moh-lay) means “reference material, such as a dictionary.”

Wehewehe” (VEH-hey-VEH-hey) means “to explain” in Hawaiian. A “puke wehewehe” is a dictionary - an “explanation book.”

This app is an online Hawaiian-English/English-Hawaiian dictionary, a native-app wrapper around the dictionary services provided by the excellent resource WEHEWEHE.ORG. As such, an active Internet connection is required to use this app.

Screenshot of the app with a highlighted phrase and the iOS context menu
Any text in the app results pane can be selected and the context menu will allow for a follow-up search


  • Online web services by WEHEWEHE.ORG.
  • Hawaiian Dictionary (Pukui/Elbert dictionary) Copyright © 2003 by University of Hawaiʻi Press.
  • Māmaka Kaiao Copyright © 2003 by ʻAha Pūnana Leo and Hale Kuamoʻo.
  • Place Names of Hawaiʻi (Pukui/Elbert/Mookini) Copyright © 1974, 2004 by University of Hawaiʻi Press.
  • Hawaiʻi Place Names (John R.K. Clark) Copyright © 2002, 2004 by University of Hawaiʻi Press.

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